Welcome to the Alaska and Northwest Canada Regional Conservation Atlas. The goal of the Atlas is to provide access to environmental information to land owners, land managers, landuse planners, researchers, land trusts, conservation NGOs and community groups to support the conservation and restoration of the diverse flora and fauna of this ecosystem, and to inform sustainable land use planning.

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AKNWC Quick Start Map
This is a sample description of the quick start map that can be modified at any time to change the details of that map. In the case of the quick start map, it can also be used to just give general information about the CPA with links and information that will show up on the CPA's front page.

If the description is overly long, the front page will trim the description down and just show a snippet of the full description. The length of the snippet is controlled by code, but can be modified based on the descried layout. Using the snippet allows us to design around the description and not be concerned with the size of it.
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