About the Alaska and Northwest Canada Regional Conservation Planning Atlas

The Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) for Alaska and Northwest Canada is a joint effort of the Arctic, Western Alaska, Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands, and Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs). The CPA is a resource for agencies, organizations, and communities engaging in landscape scale conservation within the Alaska and northwestern Canada region. While many of the included datasets cover the full state of Alaska and adjacent Canada, those datasets specific to the area of southern and southeast Alaska from Hecate Strait north to the eastern Kenai Peninsula are included in the North Pacific LCC CPA (nplcc.databasin.org).

The CPA provides a platform for LCCs and their partners to create galleries to showcase a cohesive collection of spatial information and supporting documentation.

Within the Alaska and northwest Canada CPA you will find:

    • Data and information that the LCCs have funded since their inception.
    • Mapping tools to visualize and overlay the various layers within the CPA, and other online geospatial archives.
    • The ability to browse and search our ever-expanding GIS Data Inventory with many different data layers identified.

The CPA also provides tools for collaboration. Data can be searched, viewed, and used in analyses. Additionally, you can upload your own data to your account to be used in conjunction with these datasets. Projects focused around a particular geography or conservation issue can develop “groups”. Groups can be used to upload and share data, set permissions on data sets, and collaboratively visualize map products.

The CPA was created in an effort to provide a common platform and communication method for the LCC partnerships. Other LCCs within the LCC Network have developed the CPA and DataBasin concept. The Alaska LCCs are building off of those efforts, and the efforts of the LCC-funded Integrated Data Management Network.

Please visit our respective LCC websites for more information about projects related to each Alaska and northwest Canada LCCs: